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Roll Cake

«Bake quick and while hot spread with jelly. Roll carefully, and wrap... 

  • How are Japanese desserts called?

    Traditional Japanese sweets, known as “wagashi”, are also made with these principles in mind. Although sweet, they generally use less sugar than western desserts, giving them a refined flavor that pairs excellently with green tea, matcha.

  • What is Japan's most famous dessert?

    One of the most popular Japanese desserts,Daifuku is also a wagashi dessert. What is this? Literally a filled mochi, Daifuki is a small mochi ball with a sweet filling, commonly anko

  • Do Japanese people like sweet?

    The Japanese keep preserving the special tradition of healthy sweets, as well as the history of sweets as part of the tea ceremony and part of religion. Thus, the place of sweet food, fruits included, has a different social status in Japanese culture and food habits.